It's Donkey Time! by David Crane
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The audience waited eagerly for the show, most of them starting to get erections.

But not all of them.

One was a woman. But the rest of the audience didn’t know that — yet. She was wearing a raincoat that managed to conceal her curvaceous, nubile body and her long, blonde hair was tucked up under a fedora hat, with the brim pulled low over her brow, shadowing her feminine features. She had a wide, sexy mouth and big blue eyes. Her lips trembled slightly, now, and her blue eyes were glowing.

Her name was Belinda and she was looking forward to the show as avidly as any of the male observers grouped in a circle around the stage.

“Oooooh!” she squealed, softly.

Her companion shot her a warning glance, afraid that she might reveal her gender. His name was Tom and he had brought Belinda to the show at her insistence but, not at all sure if a woman spectator would be welcome, he had made her come disguised as a man.

The audience was an assemblage that defied classification. Some men were wearing soiled, working clothes, but others wore well-cut business suits. For every baseball cap or cowboy hat, there was a porkpie or a homburg. This group of men had only one thing in common.

Belinda squirmed excitedly and reached out to take Tom’s hand. But he jerked his hand away quickly, in horror that someone might see them and assume, naturally, that they were a pair of fags.

Belinda giggled at his discomfort. She didn’t give a shit what anyone thought, as long as she got her kicks. She figured that Tom was kind of a prude — although he did have a nice big prick.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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