And The Dog Made Three by David Crane
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Tracy Turner was sunbathing beside the swimming pool at the back of the house. The girl was young, but already very nubile and sexy, with the sort of body that had caused nearly all of the boys at school to frantically jack off while pretending that their fists were Tracy’s hot cunt or sensual mouth. Gallons of cum had been spilled over fantasies of her — and Tracy would have been delighted had she known how many hand-jobs she had inspired, because she was a naughty little girl who aspired to be naughtier.

She had a heavy mane of dark, curly hair, almost black but shot through with reddish highlights, glinting copper, bronze, rust as the sun fell over her. Her eyes, closed now, were mahogany brown, heavily lidded and lashed. Her cheekbones were high and rather exotic, with a speckling of freckles just a shade darker than her suntanned skin. Her mouth was wide and full and sensual — the sort of mouth that automatically made a young man think of blow-jobs.

She was wearing only the bottom half of her bikini as she sunbathed topless in the privacy of her own back yard. Her tits were plump and firm, capped by rosy nipples that stood out in twin peaks, stiff and tantalizing, a mouth-watering sight to any man or boy — and to quite a few women, as well. Her back was slender, her waist narrow and her belly gently rounded. She was slim-hipped and long-legged, sinewy yet soft, athletic in a very feminine fashion.

Her bikini bottom was a tiny wisp of silk, drawn tight across her hips and dragged up into her crotch, as if by the suction of her cunt. A few wisps of dark pubic hair curled out from the narrow crotchband. She lay on her back, one shapely leg extended, her foot trailing in the water and the other knee slightly raised, her thighs parted.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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