Feeling Up Sis by Ted Leonard
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Lisa Connors is a young girl who is embarking upon her own special journey into adolescence. Plagued with powerful emotions, sometimes fearful of the drives and desires she feels, she finds herself experiencing a series of explicit encounters that change not only her view of herself, but her life.

FEELING UP SIS—the story of a young girl coming of age. A story of how others view her.

Pretty teenaged Lisa Connors got scared out of her wits when she entered her bedroom after school. She was halfway across the room when the door slammed behind her.

She gasped and spun around. Her bright blue eyes went wide at the sight of her brother standing there, tall, lean and looking very sex-hungry.

“Danny!” she gasped.

She didn’t like the look in his eyes or the bulge in his pants, which seemed to be growing.

“Get out of my room!” she rasped. “I told you to never come in here again!”

Her brother smiled lewdly at her. His gaze ran up and down her trim young figure. He ogled her jutting tits and eyed her curvy legs below her miniskirt. The sweater she was wearing made her tits look cuddly.

“Show me your tits,” Danny said, taking a step toward her.

Lisa backed up and gasped, “Get out of here!”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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