His Horny Aunt by Norma Egan
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In HIS HORNY AUNT, fate plays a tragic trick on Barbara Kent when her teenage nephew comes to live with her. The handsome boy is not what the beautiful widow had expected, and his arrival triggers a chain of events whose horror is only exceeded by its depth of perversity. Barbara finds herself caught in a terrible web of humiliation and debauchery, and as she is subjected to one traumatic sexual experience after another, she begins to wonder if it will ever end, if she will ever be able to gain back her self-respect.

HIS HORNY AUNT—the shocking story of a lonely and beautiful woman and the boy who threatened to turn her into a shamelessly wanton pleasure-seeker. A novel which illustrates how fate can change a life. A warning to us all that our lives are not always our own.

“Now, remember, Barb, anything we can do for you—anything at all—you just ask.” Tracy Carr, who had to be the most dippy—and-cock-hungry blonde in the West, rolled her big blue eyes sympathetically, then popped her chewing gum and added, “You sure I can’t drive you to the airport?”

“No, thank you, Tracy,” said Barbara Kent, “I’d rather go alone.”

Barbara, a stunning, tall brunette of twenty-eight, had been widowed for almost a month, and during that time her next door neighbor, Tracy Carr, had been coming over every day to offer help. Barbara appreciated Tracy’s concern, but she was getting a little tired of the woman, especially when Tracy brought her husband George along. It wasn’t that Barbara didn’t like the Carrs. It was that they reminded her too much of what she’d lost. Tracy and George couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were always kissing, fondling pawing—and making Barbara nearly writhe with horniness. It seemed she was always horny lately, and watching Tracy and George didn’t help a bit.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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