R#ped Virgin by J. T. Watson
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In R#PED VIRGIN, Barbara White is one of those outwardly proper and quite normal people. Yet she has much more within her than that. One sexual encounter shows her for what she truly is—outwardly normal and inwardly perverted. She’s a time bomb, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse her basest instincts.

R#PED VIRGIN-a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.

Barbara White was getting ready to close her small bookshop for the night when she happened to look out the window. She saw Jim Young getting out of his truck and staggering towards her front door. She knew Jim well. She had gone to school with him. Jim was a drunk and a woman chaser, and it always made Barbara nervous when he came around.

Barbara was a very attractive redhead with a shapely figure that caused many men to look twice at her. But Barbara never dated much. The man she was looking for was the kind of man she read about in one of her romance books.

Certainly not a man like Jim Young.

She started to lock the door, but Jim was already turning the knob. She immediately smelled the beer on his breath and saw the strange look in his eyes.

“I was just closing up,” she said.

“But I want a book to read,” Jim protested, “or maybe you’d like me to tell your boss you weren’t nice to me.”

Barbara didn’t like the feeling she had. She knew Jim wasn’t the type to read books. She also knew he could get her into a lot of trouble with the man who actually owned the bookstore.

“All right,” Barbara said. “What kind of book do you want?”

“Something with lots of sex,” Jim said. “I’m in the mood for a good sex book.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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