Horny Checkout Girl by Carl Ross
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The advent of a more liberal society has revolutionized the life of the modern American woman, opening up new vistas both professionally and personally. As with most social revolutions, however, the changes are apt to be slow and sporadic, leaving untouched many of those it hopes to reach.

One occupation, that of the supermarket cashier, reflects the uneven progress of social change—women entering this field have long been considered slow-witted and dull with little consideration given to their true personalities or capabilities.

Living in this shadow and its traditions, the woman in this story, Tina Powers, casts a new light onto a profession long stereotyped. Both ambitious and adventurous, she finds herself suddenly confronted by a sexual liberalism which challenges her curiosity.

Tina Powers stepped from the shower and finished toweling dry. It was almost time to leave for work at the supermarket, and she had to hurry. Her luscious, ripe breasts bounced saucily as she hopped on one foot, running the towel over her other calf.

Her creamy-white skin was taut and fresh and she felt wonderful. Tina looked in the mirror and she couldn’t help liking what she saw. Who wouldn’t, she thought. Eighteen years old, lustrous blonde hair that fell shining and loose around her shoulders; tits that would stop traffic, round and full and soft, tipped by large, pink areolas and nipples that stood out proudly; a flat, smooth stomach, and tight, slim waist, that flared out into perfectly rounded thighs without a bulge or speck of unsightly fat in sight. Her legs were gorgeous—asscheeks like two perfect half moons tapered down along an ample but softly curving thigh to her knee, and calves that had just the right amount of flare at the back, and then down to a slim, youthfully supple ankle.

Her face matched her body. It was one of those soft, innocent, I-want-to-love-you-but-I’m-afraid faces that would make a man’s stomach churn if he were around her long. Her eyes were wide, full of wonder, and of a magnetic kind of greenish-blue that seemed to undress a man’s mind. Tina’s lips were sensuously full and soft, and she often had them parted just slightly, not consciously so—it was just the natural way she held them, and had ever since she was a child. It gave her a look of sultriness that sometimes had embarrassed her in the past because she was not aware of it. But that was changing. Tina Powers was a woman now, and she intended to start living like one.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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