Jail Bait Bondage by Hap Delco
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Secluded deep in the country not too far from where I write is a women’s prison. They, the police, bring city girls up here. Bad girls and good girls alike. Sweetbriar is the name of this place, hidden in a pine forest, tall old trees, obscure, one road leading in to the place, and it’s a dead end.

I saw her yesterday, the head warden. I guess she should be called a wardress. I guess that. Her name is Matron. She has no other name.

She’s in command! She has a secretary, and two bully type black guys who help her run the interior prison. I’ll tell you their names later.

They have kitchens, all of that. And they have a cell dorm, where the city prisoners sleep, when they can.

When Matron’s not whipping the shit out of them, bruising their young girlish bodies, keeping them inside their dingy cells, she’s busy conjuring up tricks and devices which are actually designed to please and at the same time, hurt.

Matron is a born hurter!

She knows how to spell P-A-I-N!

Matron’s job is to control! Her job is to force! Her job is to make sure that the young girls in her charge do not escape. She uses the bullies for this, but her whip is what’s actually in charge. She uses it and she uses it well—and often!!

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. NOTE: original illustrations that were embedded in the original paperback book text ARE included in this eBook.

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