Linda's Favors by George LaGrange
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Linda awoke with the sound of rain striking loudly across the roof. At first she lay there quietly. Her eyes were blurred as she stared out the ugly prison cell where she was. Through the grayness she could see the branches of a tree, blue-gray in the early morning light. Beyond that she glimpsed the dim form of a mountain rising behind some bleak concrete buildings.

Where was she? The cell was dark. And then it all came back to her as she looked at the foot of her bed and saw her prison uniform. It was awful. She got to her feet and paced the floor. There was a small mirror on the wall. Linda went over to it and looked at herself. Her face looked tired and there were lines beneath her eyes. And then she remembered it all, closing her eyes tightly. The awful moment when she and Herb had been picked up. What a terrible thing, she thought to herself, to wind up in jail. It hadn’t been her fault. However, Herb had robbed a liquor store and she had been with him in the getaway car. She had no idea that when he said he was going into the liquor store and would be back in a moment that he was going in to rob the place. Linda knew her parents would never forgive her, for they had sternly warned her never to go with Herb.

A few moments later a prison matron came to her cell.

“Linda,” the prison matron looked at her, “there’s someone here to see you.”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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