Annie's Dirty Diary by Sean Harris
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When Annie left the school grounds, she was already excited. The seat of her bicycle was pulsing hot from the sun and her cunt mini-skirt wasn’t much protection when she got on the bicycle. The hot leather seemed to burn right through the thin nylon of her panties and her fat, little cunt lips were pressed reluctantly against the seat. Hurriedly, she started pedaling, standing up as she pumped the bike into motion. But the damage was already done. The soft, hairless lips of her slit were so agitated that the motion of her thighs as she pedaled the bicycle was enough to create a rising excitement in the girl.

On her bicycle, Annie was a postcard maker’s delight. Her dark, curly hair blew out behind her exposing a cute face, innocent with a stubby nose and wide brown eyes. Her gay miniskirt, with its tiny primroses on a bright yellow background, was made all the more interesting by the soft swell of her breasts that just barely poked the material out from her chest.

Her buttocks sloped back. A man looking on couldn’t help but think that his hands would cup those soft cheeks almost perfectly with room for his fingers to slide between her slender thighs and stroke her pure little box.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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