Horny Family Members by David Crane
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“Tommy – I need you to run an errand for me,” Beverley Reeves said, walking into the front room where her eighteen-year-old son was browsing through a sports magazine.

“Aw, Mom – I’m busy,” the boy grumbled.

Beverley stamped her foot impatiently, annoyed by her son’s indolent attitude. When the redhead stamped a foot, her big tits jiggled heavily in her blouse. She was a tall, pretty, auburn-haired woman with an hourglass figure.

“Young man!” she said, in a threatening tone.

Tommy looked sullenly up from his magazine.

He was a good-looking, lean, sandy-haired youth. And when he saw his mother’s tits bouncing, a glint of emotion, instantly concealed, showed in his eyes. “Yeah? What?” he muttered. “I want you to take this book over to your Aunt Sarah’s house. I promised to lend it to her. You can take your bike and be there and back in a few minutes.”

“Okay, Mom,” Tommy said cheerfully. Beverley was surprised. It was seldom that the lazy lad showed such willingness, and the change in his attitude had come about so abruptly. When he stood up, she was surprised again. Tommy’s jeans were tight, and his mother noticed a very prominent cock-bulge in the crotch.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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