Before all first-time orders can be processed, we require email replies to our Order Verification email. Please find our email requesting that reply in your inbox, spam or junk folders, or Gmail Promotions tab. If not found, you can use the form below to request a new one. Thank you.

The best way to contact us is by sending an email to us at this email address: service@ (remove the blank space following the @ character). If you expect a response, please be sure that your email account settings will accept email from us by adding us to your address book, contact list, “safe senders” list, or by “whitelisting” our email address: service@ (remove the blank space following the @ character). You may also need to configure your email settings with your service provider to accept email attachments from us. Be sure to check this before contacting us about not receiving your order in a timely manner. Your email settings may be blocking our attempts to email your order. And please check your junk or spam folder for emails from us, in case your email provider put them there. Thank you.

This is particularly important:

  • if this is your first order with us,
  • if your email address is from a private or personal domain, or from an uncommon or obscure domain,
  • if the email address you provide to us differs from that shown on your payment transaction,
  • if your email service is provided by,,,,, or (attention to this is required for a first-time order). You can avoid this issue by providing an alternative email address for us to use, or you can try adding our email address to your address book or “safe senders” list.


If we have any doubts whether or not you have done this or if you fit any of these conditions, your order will be delayed. We will send you a test email first. Once you reply to it and we confirm that you are accepting emails from us, then we can send your order. If you provide an invalid email address to our payment processor, we have no way to deliver your order unless you use the form below to provide us with a valid email address.