The Lady Plays Doctor by Jerry Milner
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THE LADY PLAYS DOCTOR is a dramatic representation of a woman-in this case a young woman doctor-who dares to let her most base desires and passions come to the fore. She finds it impossible to continue to keep her fantasies under control, and she plays them out to the fullest. And meanwhile, her day-to-day routine continues. But the nagging doubts increase with her growing depravity, and the young woman begins to wonder if she is willing or able to face the consequences of her actions. Her story is a startling insight into the life of a person who dares to “let it all hang out”.

Joyce Carruthers, M.D., her pussy throbbing unexpectedly, stood near-nude and trembling on the scales as the big man leaned close over her shoulder and said, “A hundred and eight pounds. Good weight for your height, and you sure do have it in the right places.”

He was a little drunk and so was she. Following her long trip from the big city, he had welcomed her to her new job in his medical office with a bottle of champagne. Joyce had not known how to refuse to drink it with him. She had not wanted to refuse it at the time. After years of college and medical school, champagne seemed like quite an appropriate way to begin her rather unusual internship.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only. Note: This story is the same as catalog number GE-1042 in the original publications (a duplicate).

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