Auntie With The Hots by John Kellerman
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Tanya, the young woman in AUNTIE WITH THE HOTS, is a girl whose drive for sex has long been frustrated. Her pursuit of satisfaction, thus, becomes desperate and those with whom she lives and associates suddenly become targets. A normal, healthy sex drive becomes reckless and those caught in its path are abruptly confronted with a dilemma which can be resolved only through unique solutions.

AUNTIE WITH THE HOTS — the story of a woman who has to come to terms with her own nature and needs. A novel of significance to our ever-changing society.

Beth put a teacup down before her sister and filled it. Tanya seemed even prettier than Beth had remembered. She was a true blonde and her tan skin accentuated her flowing locks. Beth could see the full soft curves of her breasts bulging out of her nightgown. She wondered what it was like to have big tits. Tanya had started growing hers in junior high. Or had it been the sixth grade? No matter.

Beth had waited in vain for hers to bud and after her second year in college had realized that she was not to be blessed with anything more than a couple of adolescent-like swells.

“I’m really glad you came to visit for a few months,” she said, closing her robe around her thin body. “What with Benji visiting I can sure use a little help in the kitchen.” Benji was her and Tanya’s nephew. He was eighteen, well-developed and very nice. Beth enjoyed having him around. There were some projects to complete around the sprawling hillside home Cal had bought five years before.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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