Mom's Hot Loving by Kathy Andrews
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MOM’S HOT LOVING is a dramatic representation of a woman — in this case a young mother — who dares to let her most base desires and passions come to the fore. She finds it impossible to continue to keep her fantasies under control, and she plays them out to the fullest. And meanwhile, her day-to-day routine continues. But the nagging doubts increase with her pawing depravity, and the young woman begins to wonder if she is willing or able to face the consequences of her actions. Her story is a startling insight into the life of a person who dares to “let it all hang out”.

Marian’s cunt was on fire.

It was jealousy, she knew. Sheer, idiotic jealousy.

But she couldn’t help it. Ever since that little girl, Judy, had moved into the neighborhood, her son had been acting like a fucking fool!

Jack had never shown interest in a girl before. Marian felt he was far too young for girls. Until now, his interest was in mechanical things, or a few of his buddies. But in just a few short weeks, that pretty blonde girl had him head over heels.

Jealousy was something new for Marian. She had never experienced it when her husband was alive and she had never experienced it with Jack… until the past few days.

The fact that her cunt was burning came as a total surprise to her. She had not thought her jealousy could be sexual.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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