Daughter Was Hotter by Ron Evans
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DAUGHTER WAS HOTTER is Penny’s story, that of a teenage girl growing up in her own way: breaking the moral code she has been taught, flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every new wanton experience. Indeed, Penny makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard.

DAUGHTER WAS HOTTER — she is growing up, going over the threshold into young adulthood. She is learning to see her parents as people. This is the story of one teenager’s coming of age in our society.

Ellen Adams held the man’s prick meat lovingly in her hands as she lowered her face toward his crotch and darted her agile tongue over his bulbous cock head. She sniffed the hot, sweaty odor of his cock and balls.

“Ah, shit, Ellen,” Sam Wheeler muttered, moving his legs a little wider apart. “I’m sure gonna miss this kind of treatment!”

Ellen giggled like a schoolgirl and looked at him through the curly hairs on his crotch.

“Don’t feed me that, Sam! You’ll have another girl lined up in no time. Once those sweet little things in California get a good look at what you’ve got between your legs, you’ll have to beat ’em off with a stick!”

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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