Hot Horny Newlywed by Nick Eastwood
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Monica, an attractive new bride in HOT HORNY NEWLYWED, is one of those desperate people. Her problem — a brand-new husband who rushes off on a business trip with his gorgeous secretary — leads her into the arms of strangers, compelling her to flit from one bed to another in an orgy of hedonistic excess.

Her story is that of a woman struggling desperately for happiness, for some way to save her marriage and self-respect.

HOT HORNY NEWLYWED — a novel about one of the problems facing modern society and a reflection of our times.

For twenty-one years Monica Harrison had been a virgin. Now that was about to change, and she just hoped the reward was worth the wait. She checked her appearance one more time in the bathroom mirror before going to join her new husband Mark.

She liked what she saw, and she was sure Mark would like it, too. She saw a tall young woman with long gleaming brown hair, pretty features, and a fantastic body. Not for the first time she thanked all her ancestors for her good heredity. She was slim, sleek, and firm, yet curvy in all the right places. Her large melon-shaped tits thrust out firmly without a bra.

Monica wasn’t wearing much at all, just a see-through filmy white nightie with matching bikini panties. And she figured she wouldn’t be wearing those very long, either. Mark could hardly wait to get her naked in his bed. She’d been holding out on him ever since they met six months ago. But now the big moment had come, and he couldn’t have been more eager than his new bride was. Twenty-one years was a long time to remain a virgin.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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