Easy Wild Wife by Don Scott
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She looked at herself in the mirror, wishing she felt as beautiful and sexy as she knew she looked.

Karen Hobson stood five-foot-eight and had the most incredibly curvaceous body any man could imagine. Her most impressive feature was her tits. Karen’s tits billowed out from her body, huge and creamy, with areolas a chocolate-brown color. They were wider across than a man’s palm. Her nipples stood out prominently, and Karen wasn’t afraid to wear clothes that showed off her tits to their best advantage.

She had a flat stomach and rather wide hips with strong, full, muscular thighs that could hold a man’s head trapped to her pussy if she wanted to.

Karen’s 40D-24-37 physique had turned Joe on for years, and never once had she turned him down when he wanted to fuck, have his cock sucked, or stick his tongue deep into her pussy until she came.

She had a medium-size mouth with lips that were neither full nor thin, large, dark brown eyes with slender eyebrows that arched above them whenever she thought seriously, and a narrow nose with rather high cheekbones that gave her something of an aristocratic appearance. Her hair was auburn, not quite red or brown, and she usually wore it loosely pinned atop her head in an indistinct bun, with satiny tendrils of hair falling down her smooth cheeks.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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