Sister Spreads by Jeff Collins
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Joy Eden had a mouthful of her favorite meat: hard cock. Kneeling naked in her boyfriend’s living room, fingering her cunt, she was ready to fuck. She was suddenly gulping down cum, instead.

Joy groaned-but not because she was eating cum. the pretty, blonde teenager loved doing that. She groaned because Ron had been scared into coming too soon when she had sucked his prick stiff for herself.

She’d had the hard-on pulsing up good and solid between her lips when footsteps sounded outside. It was Ron’s mom and dad, home early. Ron swore, then his cock started spurting jism into Joy’s mouth. Joy did all she could do-swallow the cum, jump up, yank her clothes on, and run out the back door.

Braless tits bouncing, she stomped away from Ron’s house, feeling her golden cunt throbbing between her legs. Her clit stuck out of it more, with every step. She waggled her cute ass homeward under her shamefully short skirt.

Her thighs shivering from the pussy juices running down her legs, Joy got to her house, hurried to the rear door, and on inside. Excited, she rolled her skirt above her ass and flopped onto a chair.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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