Hot Bed Librarian by Nick Eastwood
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Most of us have been brought up to feel at least slightly ashamed or guilty if our reactions to undesirable sexual situations differ from what we consider to be appropriate. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

HOT BED LIBRARIAN — a shocking story, certainly, but one which may not be as unbelievable as it first appears, one which could hold many valuable lessons for a large segment of our diverse population.

Jodie James, the new librarian at Valley High, had the attention of every male in the room. Boys pretending to study kept peering over the top of their books to sneak glances at the slim, pretty blonde as she worked at the main desk. In everybody’s opinion, she was the sexiest librarian the school had ever had.

Unfortunately, her manner didn’t match her looks. She had a slender, curvy body, with nice, long legs and high-riding tits. She had a beautiful face and long, light, golden hair. But she acted like a grim and prudish old maid.

Boys would smile at her as they checked out books, but their smiles were never returned. Miss James just looked grim and disapproving. The rumor around school was that she hated men and had no interest at all in sex.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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