Mom Spreads For More by Kevin Sellers
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Those of us who have unfulfilled desires are often driven to torment over our needs. These desires have driven people even to the brink of insanity-or worse.

MOM SPREADS FOR MORE is the story of a woman and her family who are forced by their desires to come to grips with turbulent emotions. What happens to them when they confront these emotions together reveals their ability to be honest with themselves and to be unafraid of their own inner feelings.

It was turning out to be just another typical, lazy June afternoon at home. Vicky Duncan lay curled on the couch leafing through a fashion magazine, idly glancing over the pages of sleek models and expensive outfits without any real interest.

Her little brother, Mike, lay sprawled on the floor a few feet away, snoozing in front of the television. The muted drone of a sitcom rerun buzzed like a bee in the background.

In other words, it was a perfectly average, normal summer day around the Duncan house. Paul Duncan was at the office, and his wife, Jill, was out on a shopping spree with some friends, leaving their two teenaged children alone at home.

Vicky flopped on the couch, wishing she was out at the local swimming pool, or back at college, or anywhere-anywhere but here!

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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