Black Captain by Martin Jones
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Well, today they were entering the big time for sure, Eflo sighed heavily as she entered Captain Happy’s elegant suite. Today the first of the hostages would be taken and would arrive and talks would begin. The Captain would win the independence of his country or he would lose and they would all go up in the big bomb, or so Eflo thought. She was very, very frightened of the big bomb that was the way the white men won their nowadays, so she had heard. But she was far more frightened of Captain Happy and did not seriously question what he did … out loud. Oh, she bickered with him sometimes, making weak objections, because he was so sure that he liked his women to have minds of their own that she didn’t dare keep completely quiet. However, she knew that if she stood up and said, “Captain Happy, you are doing a silly thing, trying to make a whole country out of The Whitelaw Estates,” Captain Happy would have another woman immediately.

Eflo felt a deep sense of disappointment because Happy wasn’t there to greet her the way he always used to be when he wanted her during those days when he was a common laborer in the white man’s mines. She stood inside the door for a moment and then she heard him singing off-key in that beautiful bass voice of his in the shower. The edges of her beautiful full mouth turned up in a broad smile of delight, and the first zephyrs of anticipation were already blowing through her belly when she moved stealthily to the bed to turn back the rich counterpane. God, she had never known there were such things as “counterpanes” before.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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