Great Danes For Mom by David Crane
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Brenda Blake had two boyfriends and she didn’t know which of them she liked the most. At the moment, both of them were walking her home from school. Tommy was a tall blond boy and Jimmy had curly black hair-and they both had big pricks. That was their main attraction because Brenda, although she was still cherry, loved to feel a big cock throbbing in her hand and to see hot, thick jism spurt out. Tommy had a convertible car and Jimmy had a horse and that was an advantage to Jimmy-because a girl couldn’t fuck a car.

Today she was walking between Tommy and Jimmy, holding their hands. Her saucy little ass swayed like a pendulum and her nubile hips brushed against the boys in turn. Her plump tits thrust out, the nipple poking against her blouse and she turned her blonde head from side to side, glancing at each of her suitors and wondering which one of them she should give her cherry to.

“Wanna cut through the park?” she asked.

They turned into the public park and strolled together alongside the narrow stream. When they came to a wooded area, Brenda suggested that they sit down for a while. She was feeling randy and her juicy pussy was simmering between her thighs.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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