Snooping Secretary by Brian Laver
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In SNOOPING SECRETARY, our heroine is a lusty woman, she becomes obsessed with peeking at others while they are engaged in sex. Voyeurism—the name of this particular perversion—makes her a slave to every keyhole and window. But can freedom be won only by ridding herself of her obsession?

Joan fortunately finds an answer, and her life is immeasurably enriched. Admittedly, she was lucky. Not many of the slaves to voyeurism would find the outlet that Joan does, but this book can at least lift the cover off this common, but misunderstood perversion.

This fictional account has all the ingredients of reality. In SNOOPING SECRETARY we find the murkier side of life laid open.

“Come in here please, Miss Kramer,” Mr. Clark said from the intercom on Joan’s desk.

“Yes sir,” she answered happily.

Joan could tell by her boss’s voice what he wanted. It was funny how after working for him for several years she got to know his tone of voice so well. This time, he had started her pussy drooling with that edge on his voice that he got whenever he was horny.

Hopping out of her seat, Joan went to the mirror to give herself a quick going over before offering herself to Mr. Clark. Her green eyes twinkled back at her as she smiled into the mirror, and her auburn hair shook wildly as she gave her head a toss. She wore her hair pushed back from her face in swirling and glittering cascades.

Stepping back, she got a look at her body. Her tight sweater showed the twin swellings of her tits and the excitement of being beckoned by her boss had already made her nipples stiff and they were poking their outline on the tight weave of the sweater. Joan lifted her hands and ran them over the bulges of her boobs. Her eyelids lowered and her beautiful, classic features took on a wanton expression as she sent a shiver of pleasure through her body all the way to her cunt.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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