Horny Mother by Brian Laver
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HORNY MOTHER tells just one of the many stories of a departure from socially-acceptable ways of life. Impatient teenager Tom James, troubled by his strange, new desires, seeks to lose his virginity once and for all, and become a real man. His mother Beth, bored by the singles’ bar scene, is drawn to her blossoming son in spite of her moral upbringing.

HORNY MOTHER — a story of the time we all must face at one point in our lives.

Beth James, her moist cunt twitching in anticipation, sipped her drink and listened as the young man talked about his sports car. She wasn’t the least bit interested in the car that she had followed over to his apartment, but she didn’t want to seem bored.

After all, at thirty-six she knew how to handle these young guys. As soon as she had spotted him in the bar she felt that familiar tingling in her cunt that told her she’d found a live one.

Of course the guy thought he had picked her up, but that was all part of her plan. Very often Beth wished she could be more aggressive. If she were a man with a hot chick within reach, she would be fucking her brains out.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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