Wide-Open Widow by William Ellis
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In WIDE-OPEN WIDOW, Laura Shea, a middle-aged widow, is one of those outwardly proper and quite normal people. Brought up in a puritanical environment, she nonetheless shelters a perversity that she refuses to recognize, a lustful craving that haunts her and eventually forces her to act.

WIDE-OPEN WIDOW-the story of one woman haunted by passions seething within her. Hers is a serious tale, and a reflection on the many problems facing our society.

Laura shifted slightly in the bed, her tits jerking as the half-daze of approaching sleep crept over her. Jim was snuggled up against her back, one hand over her hip. She was vaguely aware of hearing the living room clock strike the hour of one in the morning. Blurred shapes flitted across her mind, recurring patterns, as if she were standing too close to a madly spinning carousel. Then they began to slow down, still blurred, but slower, fainter, gradually fading away from her.

The pressure on her hip changed. She felt Jim’s fingertips slowly glide over her nylon-covered belly. His middle finger came to rest at the junction of her thighs and began to massage her clit through the slippery material of her gown. The pressing finger moved in a small circle. Sleep retreated as her body responded to its touch. That familiar warm feeling began to spread from that little nub of flesh that was hardening under the attention it was receiving. Sleep faded farther away as the glow moved up her body. It felt so good, easy and slow.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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