Two Sisters And A Horse by Bob Wallace
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The bedroom was filled with sunlight. In the small bed, Pam Eldridge slept fretfully, twisting and whimpering under the sheet. The pillow was crunched up beneath her head. She grabbed it and squeezed it in her arms, kissing it frantically in her sleep. A gasp, and she opened her eyes. Another night of dreams — dreams of sex, dreams of cocks stabbing at her, soaking her in white thick gooey cum. Her forehead was beaded with perspiration.

She kicked the covers off her lithe naked body and stared up at the ceiling. Her entire body was quivering as her small trembling hands skimmed over her creamy flesh, kneading the soft plump meat of her sensitive tits.

“Oooo, shit,” she sighed, her nipples hardening under her frantic fingers. “Ooooo, Christ, I’m hot again.”

Squirming her soft heart shaped ass into the mattress, she moaned. Her hot exciting dreams were driving her crazy. She had to do something about them. Her fingers, tired of tittie flesh, explored her sizzling virgin body. She tormented herself, caressing and kneading her slim hips, soft tummy, and moist sticky inner thighs.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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