Horny Hot Cheerleader by Ray Todd
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HORNY HOT CHEERLEADER is a story about a young girl who will do anything to satisfy her sexual desires — even if it means taking advantage of her own family. Although many people will consider this woman to be perverted, but they cannot argue with the happiness she gives to many of her friends and family.

HORNY HOT CHEERLEADER-a startling story that provides insight into the happiness that can be gained from what society considers perverted.

Jolyne Palmer was a cute little full-titted teenager who looked absolutely sensational in her brief cheerleader outfit. Not only did she have a knock-out face and figure, she also had charisma with her infectious smile, sparkling eyes and bubbly personality. Yet even with all these fantastic attributes, the best thing about Jolyne Palmer was the fact that she loved to fuck, and the whole high school football team knew it.

When the team practiced after school, the cheerleaders rehearsed by the side of the field, and the players were constantly staring at Jolyne’s big bouncing tits and cute wiggly ass in her brief little uniform. The coach realized she was distracting his team, but he enjoyed looking at her as much as the boys did.

During a break in practice, a handsome young man left the squad and walked over to the side lines where Jolyne was. As he approached the cute little redhead, she recognized him as Scott Brady, the team’s popular quarterback.

Fictional reading for entertainment purposes only.

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